"Always listening to clients"

Our approach to product development isn’t rocket science. For us it’s about having an ongoing conversation with clients and listening carefully to their requirements. We think getting insight from the people we serve is the best way to create products that really hit the mark! We are always here for our clients and love to get their feedback. In 2016, we visited a wide range of Insurance Brokers across the UK to discuss their views on the claims assistance sector and its various providers. Here are some of the common themes we identified on what Insurance Brokers wanted from claims support products moving forward:


Insurance Brokers advised that many of the products offered by the market contain exclusions and qualifying criteria. They expressed concern that clients cannot access real claims support from the products sold and that often their only choice is a costly “after the event” service. Insurance Brokers want all clients to have full access to loss adjusting support when it is needed no matter what the claim.


We were told that Insurance Brokers want more flexibility regarding the products offered. A “one size fits all” approach is not what they are looking for and that in the future they want to offer a range of assistance products to meet the individual needs of all their clients.


Insurance Brokers said that some of the products in the market are simply not affordable and that this is one of the main reasons why they struggle to sell claims assistance. Insurance Brokers want much more realistic and transparent pricing so that clients can see the full cost of support at the point of sale.


Insurance Brokers advised that some of the propositions offered by the market are just too complicated and that this is a key barrier to them selling products. Insurance Brokers want to see simplified products and literature that can be easily understood by their clients and employees. They want a move away from “small print and exclusions” so that clients can access comprehensive claims support.


Insurance Brokers said that the market hasn’t delivered the right solutions previously and they now require a completely different approach to ensure that the right outcomes are being achieved from the products they sell.


We were told that Insurance Brokers want more choice and would like to see additional products in the claims assistance space to assist with all classes of claim. Insurance Brokers suggested that there is currently a large service gap between what is provided by insurers and their Loss Adjusters and the support that is available for clients.